Friday, July 18, 2014

Watching in the Rain

It was raining. The perfect weather for her mood.
She watched the couple dance in joy as if it was a sunny day or starry night, she had felt that way once. Their happiness and love couldn't break her bubble of depression.
No, her bubble wall was growing stronger each day since her husband had jumped to his death.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A random page from Capt. Tea and the Man in Black, my story in Cutthroats and Curses anthology on Amazon. Much of the story was written with a Sheaffer school pen loaded with Noodler's Rome Burning ink. It didn't make it easy for me later when I typed it out on the computer.
So, how many of you write in notebooks? How about with fountain pens?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stone Angel

VisDare 69: Vigilant

Each morning he walked by the angel. At first he looked and marveled at the beauty and the pose,
In time he quit seeing her, she became no more than a mile marker showing how much further he had to walk.

Each night he walked by the angel. At first he looked at her wings and was awestruck by the detailed feathers. Her unsteady seat and the curve of her back made her look alive. In time she became a landmark telling him he was almost to the market where he would purchase his dinner.

This morning she watched him, he didn't notice. A tear ran down her cheek.

Tonight she rose from her seat and spoke to him, “You have walked far enough.”

His eyes open to the sky, the rain fell, he had walked far enough.

There was page after page of documents. Filled with legal terms and jargon that only a lawyer could understand. The man from the insurance company was far more jovial than she take at the moment, he wouldn't take a hint from her body language. He kept referring to an investigation pending and how it would alter the terms and payout. Even without the extra payout for an accident her husband was proving to be worth more dead than alive.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Ear Worm

  I was walking through the desert with the Beetles song
Norwegian Wood stuck in my head. The longer I walked the 
louder it got until it was almost deafening. Over and over
it replayed as I continued on.
  A loose stone and a careless step sent me tumbling. The
song stopped and its absence was a shock worse than the fall.
  Surrounded by sand, rock and silence I felt truly alone.
  I was not just lost but alone.
  The sun beat down but I continued on.
  Rocks reminded me of chess pieces. Chess pieces reminded me
of Murray Head's One Night in Bangkok.
  I no longer walked in silence.