Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Marigje and Max

     1317 had been a year of famine but not for Marigje and Max, no it had been a feast year for them.
     Marigje was old, she didn't even know how old but she was old enough to have taken up cackling. Her only friend was Max, a rather distasteful cat that never purred and only killed for sport. They really were well suited to each other.
     They lived deep in the woods, so deep that wolves couldn't find their way out if they found themselves in her yard. But any wolf that was so careless as to find itself there deserved to be removed from the gene pool.
      A welcome sight greeted the duo that sunny morning. Walking down the path two children, a boy and a girl, hand in hand. Yet another pair of siblings abandoned by their parents.
     Yes, Marigje and Max were having dinner delivered tonight.


David Blackstone said...

It's definitely a witchy theme :-)

Donna B. McNicol said...

Oh my, nasty! Loved it...

D.B. McNicol
Romance & Mystery...writing my life

Miranda Kate said...

Nice twist there on the fairy tale. Very well done! Liked that.