Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just Like a Spork

Everybody had said, “It will never work, they are too different, divorced in a month.” But Fred and June had been together for fifteen glorious years. Sure it hadn't been easy with the differences and all but they made it work. Compromise was the key.

Now even with all the years behind them the naysayers chorus was once again in full swing, “How will they raise the child? Who gets to decide? It will never work.”

Yes, they were still different, they were still each individuals yet they were also a couple. A happy couple who had a challenge before them but not one that their love couldn't overcome. 

The decision would be left to God and a coin toss, heads and little Patrick O’Brien would be raised Catholic and tails Protestant.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. Difference can make or break. I think a toss of a coin is just as valid a way of deciding than any other!