Saturday, October 24, 2015

Last October we released an anthology called Sins of the Past. This year we decided to release an anthology called Sins of the Future. Every story is set years into the future where anything is possible, from self-driving cars to aliens taking over the world. Each story is unique in its own light because each author took their own views of the future and twisted it to become the stories that are featured in Sins of the Future that is set to release October 31, 2015. Sins of the Future features:
They by Jackie Pitchford
In the Driving Lane by Misha Burnett
Highly Strung by Stephen Blake
Add Green Sauce by Matt Lovell
The Verge by R.L. Andrew
The Man with Bio degradable Skin by Angela Garratt
The Nyghtmare Machine by Don Miskel
Kitty by Boyd Miles
Mercury's Kiss by Jen Ponce
Graduation Day by Chasity Nicole
Malfeasance by Kerry E.B. Black
Return to Sigma Seven by C. Lloyd Brill
Doris by Debbie Manber Kupfer
Looking through Different Eyes by Steven Soul
The Day Everything Went Still by Leticia Toraci
Now that you know all the stories and authors featured in this amazing, futuristic anthology and you know when it's to be released, it's time for the big cover reveal.

Our cover was created by the wonderful Cleve Sylcox who was an author in Sins of the Past.

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