Saturday, May 24, 2014

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The Ride
By Boyd Miles
150 words

How much longer? I can't keep this up but I have to.

“Try to keep her breathing, they think they can shut it off safely. Just try to keep going.”

Yeah right, easy for the fireman to say he is on the ground not swinging back and forth trying to keep some woman alive. Lucky me to end up in a cart with a woman that was going to die of fright or something.

It had started off just fine, she was laughing I was laughing then we saw a gear go rolling across the pavement. Then the kid operating the ride ran off and alarm bells began to ring. She quit breathing and I had to be the hero.

“We are going to start slowing the ride, just hold on.”

The cart stopped and the firemen rushed on. I walked away. Should have gotten her number before the ride.


Donna B. McNicol said...

Enjoyed it! I did mine in a rush and wasted words I could have used. LOL!

D.B. McNicol
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Angela said...

O WOW. That is entirely a different spin on the prompt that I did not expect! Great entry!

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